Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Companionship- A New Chapter Of Life

If I look at my life as it is now, I can look at it as a book. Although I am not an avid reader, my life really seems like a book. Childhood, school life, college life, profession etc. are the chapters of my life which are going on in life.

The latest chapter in my life is the "companionship", the way I like to call it (married life). It wasn't a very planned decision, but once I met her and had and interaction, it just clicked and we got married in 5 months after we first met.

My life partner, Neetu, is more of a friend and companion to me who makes my life go happy. I have been going though series of emotional turbulence in past years on my life, with loneliness being a major one of them. This new chapter has been a pleasant one so far with me having little time to get bored. I hope it goes on well in future as well with more parts of life adding on as pleasant chapters and memories to cherish. I consider myself to be lucky to be blessed with a loving family, best of friends and a wonderful life partner.
More updates, maybe sometime in future. Adios !

Friday, July 02, 2010

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind comes from within, but yes we can take a few steps to move towards peaceful places. I love visiting calm and serene places. Just a click from my recent visit to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Delhi (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Music Hidden In Wood

Delhi Haat Pitampura, originally uploaded by Rohit DCE.

These beautiful flutes are at display at a shop at Delhi Haat Pitampura, near TV tower, near the sunset, captured with slant sun-rays and these looks magically golden under such light.
I have a reason to admire them all the more because I like playing flute, I am an armature, not a pro, check out my flute video - Malgudi days -

Flowers And Plants In My Balcony

I love the pink purple shades of these flowers in my balcony, my mom is very fond of planting flowers and it makes the balcony so pleasant. A thing of beauty joy forever - truly !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Flowers with lovers

Flowers with lovers, originally uploaded by Rohit DCE.

This is pure love which exists in nature, its not like human love, but its so beautiful !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things Seem Good - Happy Valentines Day !

Its been long time i have updated this blog. Just felt like writing a few words. Its a valentines day, i am sitting in my pajama and tee-shirt in my room, surrounded by gadgets ! Whats a boring way of celebrating valentines day ;)

But when i look around, in my childhood, my college life, looks like life has been great so far. I had seen financial crisis in my family when i was a child, that made me really sincere in life, imbibed in me a desire to be financially sound so that i never see my family worried about their needs, that drove me towards perusing my studies nicely, work hard to reach a good college (i managed DCE, which is decent enough), to land in a well paying job (i managed to be a software engineer), and do my best for my family who had worked hard to provide me all the necessary resources to study well and reach where i am today.

Things have been pretty cool, i am happy to have a good financial status, a loving family, lots of friends who care for me, and a very good social and professional life.

I am happy to be myself, the life i have, and i really thank to god for all this :) . I feel happy to have my own nice gadgets, most of which i had bought in last 3 years, after i started earning, i bought them with my own hard earned money, feels great. The list includes a high end mobile phone (when i bought it 2 years back, not so high end as per today's standard, but i am happy) , a new car which i bought on installments last year, a set of nice creative speakers in my room, bought 2 years back, my high end laptop (its still high end, coz i bought it 4 months back only ;) ), a digital camera which came as gift with my laptop, i love my cam as it has given me a tool to improve my photography skills and explore objects in a beautiful way. How can i forget my "gb&a" guitar, a black glossy acoustic guitar, i totally love it. A big thick wooden flute i bought from Chandani Chowk. I guess i have mentioned too much about my gadgets, which is enough to tell u that i am a tech-geek, i don't mind that :P

All in all, if u don't consider some personal life problems, my life is near perfect, and i am really happy. And i am really happy for one of my school buddies getting married today, to his college girl-friend, i am extremely happy for the two of them :) I am happy i made some real good friends in my life. And going a bit off beat, i love the small money-plant (its a variety of indoor plant), which is planted in a water filled jar, placed on top of my table. Hey, enough of info for this post, will write more sometime later :)

Happy Valentines Day !

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A New Beginning > My new blog on cars

I have recently materialized one of my ideas of having a car blog. I have recently set-up CarBlogIndia.com
I will put some of my car related knowledge on this blog, hope this will be accepted well by my readers.